Artist Statement

Humans fascinate me. I am that one person that is caught staring, and when someone asks me why, I say, “The bridge of your nose is just so satisfying.” You see, ever since I was little, I always wanted to draw whatever was right in front of me. I was captivated by the visual aspect of my life. In my opinion, life is underrated. Every shape, curve, color, all of it, is so beautiful. I make art because I want to show everyone just how amazing our lives can be. I want to capture everyone’s attention and yell, “Hey! Look around you! You walk around every day without even noticing how beautiful your life is. Please slow down”. Art is the only way that we as humans can fully appreciate our dynamic lives. Further, I want to inspire other artists to keep creating and challenging themselves because that’s how I learned to grow. Seeing another’s work allows me to be critical with myself, and although it can be detrimental to my self-esteem temporarily, it is what makes me want to be better. And that is the most important skill in my progress as an artist.


One of my goals as an artist is to depict people in a different perspective, whether that means in different angles, different colors, or different lighting. I want to emphasize the surrealistic and abstract qualities of real life. A majority of my oil paintings are portraits because I love the intricacies of humans. Although my painting style is very traditional in the sense that it is somewhat realistic, I like to use bright colors and patterns to blend the use of realism and abstractionism, because I believe that our world is not just one or the other. I believe our world is made up of a combination of realistic and abstract ideas. Just recently have I started exploring the use of different textures to convey emotion. In my pieces, I do just this, whether it is the sanding down of oil painted rings on top of a bright background, or the layering of tissue paper, mod podge, and acrylic paint.  I believe that colors and patterns can tell a story when I pair them with a human expression.


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